September 25th 2012:  Hunt officially announced & Applications begin to be accepted.
Welcome packs will be sent out as apps are processed if you applied and haven't gotten something from me  Shellie Pearl 5 days after your app was filled out. contact me!!

November 15th 2012: Application Period over!!

November 15-18th:, Final merchant packs will be sent out en mass, several times over these days to make sure everyone gets them.

November 18th & 19th:.  SIGN Check- a walk-through checking only that you have your hunt sign out IN PLAIN sight of your landing Slurl.  Or tracks leading to it!

Nov 29th 2012: Photos  & HINTS for the blog MUST be turned in by this date so they can be posted to the website!  ALL photos must be full perm.. HInts submitted by form and photos droped in the Depravity Hunts Mailbox  

Nov 28th 2012: Walkthrough for hunt items. Your items MUST Be out. 

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